Devel May 2013
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Geany-Plugins: Windows test build for 1.22 available
by Enrico Tröger
8 years, 5 months

Setting Windows working directory
by Lex Trotman
9 years, 7 months

Separating session file lists from config (again)
by Lex Trotman
10 years

Code review: suggest reorder of condition to put bounds check before use
by Daniel Marjamäki
10 years, 4 months

treebrowser plugin
by Adam Dingle
10 years, 6 months

Short downtime of mailing lists as well as Web
by Frank Lanitz
10 years, 6 months

Idea: use function keys as modifiers?
by Thrawn
10 years, 6 months

Focus lost when last document closed
by Pallai Roland
10 years, 6 months

New Lua script: review SVN changes
by Thrawn
10 years, 6 months

Don't pop-up messages/steal focus when in terminal
by Harold Aling
10 years, 6 months
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