Devel July 2012
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Geany-Plugins: Windows test build for 1.22 available
by Enrico Tröger
8 years, 5 months

Code review: suggest reorder of condition to put bounds check before use
by Daniel Marjamäki
10 years, 4 months

Dropping Waf support?
by Enrico Tröger
10 years, 9 months

Remove MSYS dependency of Geany on Win~1
by Dimitar Zhekov
10 years, 11 months

[PATCH] File saving dialog behavior
by Quentin Glidic
11 years

Patches for review
by Jiří Techet
11 years, 1 month

patch: separated session/local config
by Vladi Belperchinov-Shabanski
11 years, 3 months

Code formatter
by Jacob Strohm
11 years, 4 months

About a new application icon.
by Emanuel Palm
11 years, 4 months

geanypy again query this time :)
by Oly
11 years, 4 months
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