Devel December 2012
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Geany-Plugins: Windows test build for 1.22 available
by Enrico Tröger
8 years, 5 months

Separating session file lists from config (again)
by Lex Trotman
10 years

Code review: suggest reorder of condition to put bounds check before use
by Daniel Marjamäki
10 years, 4 months

Dropping Waf support?
by Enrico Tröger
10 years, 9 months

geany SPOJ support
by Mayank Jha
10 years, 11 months

New Plugin: geanydiff
by Marcelo Galvão Póvoa
10 years, 11 months

Stupid patch for gproject
by Giuseppe Corbelli
10 years, 11 months

Re: [Geany-Devel] [geany/geany] 6241a4: Remove KEY prefix from GDK_KEY_BackSpace constant
by Matthew Brush
10 years, 11 months

Escaping replacement for placeholder in build commands
by Colomban Wendling
10 years, 11 months

TreeBrowser navigation
by Steven Blatnick
10 years, 11 months
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