Devel January 2010
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Include "auto_brace_check_dup" patch?
by Harold Aling
12 years, 9 months

txt2tags tagmanager patch
by Forgeot Eric
13 years, 7 months

Geany 0.18 ( has hidden depends on 'which' utility.
by Erik Southworth
13 years, 8 months

Questions about Geany project support
by Eugene Arshinov
13 years, 9 months

Re: [Geany-devel] Bug#561276: geany does not escape '\\' in replace string
by Damián Viano
13 years, 9 months

Build system status update
by Lex Trotman
13 years, 10 months

developers help
by Alexander Kuleshov
13 years, 10 months

Patch to fix API usage of GeanyDoc
by Enrico Tröger
13 years, 10 months

Changing from scintilla to gtksourceview or scintilla over gtksourceview
by Денис Томилин
13 years, 10 months

Moving XML/HTML specific stuff into plugin
by Frank Lanitz
13 years, 10 months
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