[Geany-Users] Trouble with setting latex custom build commands

Łukasz Grabowski graboluk at xxxxx
Mon Nov 29 22:42:13 UTC 2021

> > The way I do it is I just copy the standard geany command, and
> > replace "%f" with "main.tex", as in the screenshot here for the
> > command "make main.tex":
> > https://maths.lancs.ac.uk/grabows1/web/files/1.png
> >
> > However I never get anywhere with it - if I run the command the
> > compiler window just lists the command like in this screenshot:
> > https://maths.lancs.ac.uk/grabows1/web/files/2.png
> > and nothing ever happens.  
> Is main.tex in the directory listed in the message window after the
> command?

Yes, it is. But this gave me a push to try not putting "%d" at all in
the working directory field, lo and behold, now it works.

It might be a bug or something very counterintuitive - I'm 100% sure
that the file main.tex is in the directory listed in the message
window, and I'm 100% sure that the file path is as in the screenshot,
i.e. just main.tex, not the full path to main.tex etc.  But perhaps
geany passes the full path to the command?

In any case thank you very much for your help.


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