[Geany-Users] change size, color of "show spaces"

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Nov 5 01:30:33 UTC 2018

On Mon, 5 Nov 2018 at 10:42, <bendov at gmx.com> wrote:
> Thanks, Lex.  Couple more questions / comments.
> Don't settings specified in color schemes override the same values in
> filetypes.common?
> Or is that true only for certain items?

I think anything in the named styles can be overridden by the colour
scheme, but anything can be overridden by filetypes.common in the user
config (Menu->Tools->Configuration Files->filetypes.common will edit
the user one or create it if its does not exist).

> The method mentioned of making
> the background color of white_space any color that's very contrasting is
> too distracting for me.  You can do this in a color scheme as well, if
> you *don't* have a commented text error on a styling element line, like
> I did. :(
> That error appeared to break setting the "white_space" to a single color
> in a scheme I was using.
> Using color schemes, you shouldn't have to edit filetypes.common for
> things normally present (or can be added) in color schemes - correct?

Correct, I just point to filetypes.common since it has the comments
describing the settings

> ** The manual shows (possibility) of using bold, italic on certain
> items.   In https://www.geany.org/manual/current/index.html#id195 , it
> shows an example:
> > key=foreground_color;background_color;bold_flag;italic_flag.
> > Bold and italic are flags and should only be "true" or "false".
> It gives an example that I don't fully understand: key=comment,italic.

> Some scheme authors enter styling involving bold text, but I'm not sure
> it works.
> ** Then there's a comment in the Geany **filetypes.CONF**, "**# the
> lexer doesn't support keywords**."
> Does that scrap using any bold / italics styling, or just for *.conf files?

Presume you mean share/geany/filedefs/filetypes.conf which applys only
to the "conf" filetype.

> Is it possible to use bold on entries from the "styling section," like
> white_space?  Not sure if "boldness" of white space dots are controlled
> by the font & if bold was selected in preferences?

Boldness applys to a font, so its not applicable to the white space
marks since they are not characters, and the comment in
filetypes.common explains what the third and fourth arguments to that
setting mean in that case.

> Either way, I'm not sure what's required from the example,
> "key=comment,italic" (w/o quotes).  I think I'm missing something.
> ** **Translucency** :
> I use the explanations for styling from
> https://www.geany.org/manual/current/index.html#settings-section.
> I don't see any difference when using Translucency or
> marker_translucency vs. not using them.  Maybe it's just my eyes?

Translucency is really only useful and visible if you set background colour.

> Values of 1 or 256 seem no different.
> Translucency values in other color schemes that used them didn't seem to
> matter, that I can see.
> For others FYI - in Linux the filetypes.common file was in
> /usr/share/geany/filetypes.common - if Geany was installed from the
> disro's repo or possibly? from a .deb file.
> If Geany was installed to your home directory from a tar file, look for
> the file there.

See comment above about using the menu.


> On 11/3/18 12:46 AM, Lex Trotman wrote:
> > On Sat, 3 Nov 2018 at 13:59,<bendov at gmx.com>  wrote:
> >> I've tried a long time to find a way to make the tiny dots bigger or
> >> change color, that show empty spaces between characters.
> >>
> >> Not sure if the size of empty space dots are controlled by the font
> >> selected.
> >> If so, there's little difference in dozens of Linux fonts, for size of
> >> spaces indicators - even if bold is selected.  Generally, I use some
> >> mono bold font.
> >>
> >> No idea if "spaces dots" color can be specified in a Geany color scheme,
> >> or if they're set to the same color as some other characters or...?
> >> Often I can't see some empty space dots unless I move close to the
> >> monitor.  Those with perfect vision probably don't notice this.
> >>
> >> Periods are often not big enough or enough contrast for scanning or
> >> editing code.
> >> Some fonts (e.g., mono on bold) may make periods or single quote /
> >> apostrophe a little bigger, but not much.
> > The whitespace "dots" are just that, not characters.
> >
> > See filetypes.common white_space setting, in particular setting the
> > last value to true makes it use the background colour which you can
> > then set to something garishly visible.
> >
> > Cheers
> > Lex
> >
> >> When I eliminate all fonts that don't put a slash or dot in zeroes,
> >> there aren't many left to find one with larger empty spaces dots or
> >> larger periods / commas, unless I choose a huge font size.
> >>
> >> What "symbols" in the symbol list font selection does Geany preferences
> >> refer to?
> >> Thanks.
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