[Geany-Users] change size, color of "show spaces"

bendov at gmx.com bendov at xxxxx
Thu Nov 8 03:32:57 UTC 2018

Thank you.
I understood what the 3rd, 4th argument for white_space did.
I was asking about using bold, italics - using the "key=" syntax / 
method - in general and on white_space (the white_space part was answered).
I don't understand when (which files) or exactly how to get (for 
instance) "key=selection,bold" to work.

The manual indicates bold & italic can be used for any named_style 
defined in filetypes.common.  Yes?
And the bold, italic could be used in any filetypes.* (except for conf 
files - think I read somewhere).

But I can't get it to work.
For instance, in filetypes.css, the comment is,
# Edit these in the colorscheme .conf file instead"

But entering into a color scheme.conf file, anything like: 
selection=selection,italic or *any other* named_style from 
filetypes.common that I tried, then saving & reloading, nothing changes 
in any files I then view.

If I wanted selection (or pick another named style) to be italic or 
bold, in .css files, exactly how do you do that?

I'm assuming that for a named_style, colors can be specified, and on a 
separate line, specify it be italic or bold, if the style involves text?
Again, pick any named style.

> "Translucency is really only useful and visible if you set background colour."
The manual says,
#translucency - Translucency for the CURRENT_LINE (1st argument) and the 
SELECTION (selected text - 2nd argument). Values between 0 and 255 are 
accepted.  Note for Windows 95, 98 and ME users: keep this value at 256 
to disable translucency otherwise Geany might crash. Only the first and 
second arguments are interpreted.  Example: translucency=256;256;false;false

Do you mean "set (default) background color for the color scheme, like:
> [named_styles]
> default=#fff;#000;true;true
Or set background colors for selection (selected text) and 
current_line?  Current_line only sets background.

So background color of both selection and current_line are set, as is 
the default background.  Translucency still has no effect for me.  It 
does say, "for the current line" (meaning color) and "the Selection".

Maybe I need to know which color (background of what?) that translucency 
The explanation wording seemed fairly clear, but you seem to indicate 
something else (I'm unclear from your reply "only useful & visible if 
you set background color."
Could someone give an example of which colors would appear translucent, 
given what settings for the 2 listed styles & default colors?


On 11/4/18 7:30 PM, Lex Trotman wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Nov 2018 at 10:42, <bendov at gmx.com> wrote:
>> Thanks, Lex.  Couple more questions / comments.
>> Don't settings specified in color schemes override the same values in
>> filetypes.common?
>> Or is that true only for certain items?
> I think anything in the named styles can be overridden by the colour
> scheme, but anything can be overridden by filetypes.common in the user
> config (Menu->Tools->Configuration Files->filetypes.common will edit
> the user one or create it if its does not exist).
>> The method mentioned of making
>> the background color of white_space any color that's very contrasting is
>> too distracting for me.  You can do this in a color scheme as well, if
>> you *don't* have a commented text error on a styling element line, like
>> I did. :(
>> That error appeared to break setting the "white_space" to a single color
>> in a scheme I was using.
>> Using color schemes, you shouldn't have to edit filetypes.common for
>> things normally present (or can be added) in color schemes - correct?
> Correct, I just point to filetypes.common since it has the comments
> describing the settings
>> ** The manual shows (possibility) of using bold, italic on certain
>> items.   In https://www.geany.org/manual/current/index.html#id195 , it
>> shows an example:
>>> key=foreground_color;background_color;bold_flag;italic_flag.
>>> Bold and italic are flags and should only be "true" or "false".
>> It gives an example that I don't fully understand: key=comment,italic.
>> Some scheme authors enter styling involving bold text, but I'm not sure
>> it works.
>> ** Then there's a comment in the Geany **filetypes.CONF**, "**# the
>> lexer doesn't support keywords**."
>> Does that scrap using any bold / italics styling, or just for *.conf files?
> Presume you mean share/geany/filedefs/filetypes.conf which applys only
> to the "conf" filetype.
>> Is it possible to use bold on entries from the "styling section," like
>> white_space?  Not sure if "boldness" of white space dots are controlled
>> by the font & if bold was selected in preferences?
> Boldness applys to a font, so its not applicable to the white space
> marks since they are not characters, and the comment in
> filetypes.common explains what the third and fourth arguments to that
> setting mean in that case.
>> Either way, I'm not sure what's required from the example,
>> "key=comment,italic" (w/o quotes).  I think I'm missing something.
>> ** **Translucency** :
>> I use the explanations for styling from
>> https://www.geany.org/manual/current/index.html#settings-section.
>> I don't see any difference when using Translucency or
>> marker_translucency vs. not using them.  Maybe it's just my eyes?
> Translucency is really only useful and visible if you set background colour.
>> Values of 1 or 256 seem no different.
>> Translucency values in other color schemes that used them didn't seem to
>> matter, that I can see.
>> For others FYI - in Linux the filetypes.common file was in
>> /usr/share/geany/filetypes.common - if Geany was installed from the
>> disro's repo or possibly? from a .deb file.
>> If Geany was installed to your home directory from a tar file, look for
>> the file there.
> See comment above about using the menu.
> Cheers
> Lex
>> On 11/3/18 12:46 AM, Lex Trotman wrote:
>>> On Sat, 3 Nov 2018 at 13:59,<bendov at gmx.com>  wrote:
>>>> I've tried a long time to find a way to make the tiny dots bigger or
>>>> change color, that show empty spaces between characters.
>>>> Not sure if the size of empty space dots are controlled by the font
>>>> selected.
>>>> If so, there's little difference in dozens of Linux fonts, for size of
>>>> spaces indicators - even if bold is selected.  Generally, I use some
>>>> mono bold font.
>>>> No idea if "spaces dots" color can be specified in a Geany color scheme,
>>>> or if they're set to the same color as some other characters or...?
>>>> Often I can't see some empty space dots unless I move close to the
>>>> monitor.  Those with perfect vision probably don't notice this.
>>>> Periods are often not big enough or enough contrast for scanning or
>>>> editing code.
>>>> Some fonts (e.g., mono on bold) may make periods or single quote /
>>>> apostrophe a little bigger, but not much.
>>> The whitespace "dots" are just that, not characters.
>>> See filetypes.common white_space setting, in particular setting the
>>> last value to true makes it use the background colour which you can
>>> then set to something garishly visible.
>>> Cheers
>>> Lex
>>>> When I eliminate all fonts that don't put a slash or dot in zeroes,
>>>> there aren't many left to find one with larger empty spaces dots or
>>>> larger periods / commas, unless I choose a huge font size.
>>>> What "symbols" in the symbol list font selection does Geany preferences
>>>> refer to?
>>>> Thanks.
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