[Geany-Users] GUI Program Development in Geany

Keith Brown keith at xxxxx
Tue Sep 26 08:56:31 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm using Geany on Ubuntu 14.04/16.04, mostly for console/terminal 
program dev in Python. I've always found Geany to be a great piece of 

I've started doing GUI program dev in Python with TKinter, PyQT, etc. 
and find the fact that Geany always runs commands in the 
Execute-commands section via the Terminal tool path (i.e. opening a 
terminal window) to be a little annoying. Is there any "official" way 
around this?

I've tried the workaround of putting the typical Python command (e.g. 
python3 "%f") in the Python-commands or Independent-commands sections of 
Set Build Commands (calling it e.g. "Execute Graphical") in order to 
avoid the terminal window - this works but the busy indicator runs and 
messages go to the Compiler tab.

I've also tried the workaround of changing the Terminal tool path to 
bash c% and setting up two commands in the Execute-commands section of 
Set Build Commands:

Execute => gnome-terminal -x bash -c 'python3 "%f"; echo -e "\n"; read 
-p "Press Enter to continue..."'
Execute Graphical => python3 "%f"

but messages from commands in the Execute-commands section are not 
displayed on a tab (Geany expects a terminal window to be open). Is 
there any workaround for this?

This seems like a lot of gymnastics. Or am I completely missing 
something? Wouldn't it make sense to have two different Execute commands 
in Geany, one that uses a terminal and one that doesn't, with messages 
from the second command going to a tab like they do with compile commands?

Part of my motivation comes from wishing to use Geany more in the 
training courses that I deliver, and making it easier for the 
participants to configure Geany for Python/Perl/PHP.

Thanks for any help!


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