[Geany-Users] Issues w/geany terminating randomly

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri Aug 18 17:47:25 UTC 2017


Le 18/08/2017 à 09:35, R. Mariotti a écrit :
> Recently (past week or so) I'll be editing a file and when I do
> something (not consistent) geany will terminate.

Did you change anything on your Geany installation recently?  Upgrading
it, enabling a plugin, changing some settings, etc?

> While not that disastrous I've had to learn to save my file very few
> seconds.
> Has anyone experienced this and if so have a solution?   Or might it
> have been corrected in a newer version?   I see version 1.31 is out but
> I can't seem to find a binary or deb file anywhere.

I don't know of any obvious bug that would be responsible for this, so I
couldn't really tell.  However, it's not a behavior I've been seeing
(obviously), nor that we got several reports about.

Could you possibly try running Geany in a debugger and give us a
backtrace when the crash happens?  That could help us locate the problem
and fix it if it still exists.  For best result in the backtrace, please
install debugging symbols for Geany (I don't think you need anything
special on Mint), GLib (libglib-2.0-dbg) and GTK (libgtk2.0-dbg).

You could also try and disable some plugins to see if it helps, it could
be a bug in a plugin.


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