[Geany-Users] Issues w/geany terminating randomly

R. Mariotti r.mariotti at xxxxx
Fri Aug 18 16:35:08 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I've been a geany user for 10+ years and have come to depend on it.

I'm currently running version 1.27 on Linux Mint 18.2 with plugins.

Recently (past week or so) I'll be editing a file and when I do 
something (not consistent) geany will terminate.

While not that disastrous I've had to learn to save my file very few 

Has anyone experienced this and if so have a solution?   Or might it 
have been corrected in a newer version?   I see version 1.31 is out but 
I can't seem to find a binary or deb file anywhere.

Any comments appreciated - thanks

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