[Geany-Users] Find and replace in files

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Mon Aug 3 23:27:38 UTC 2015

On 15-08-03 02:37 PM, Pedro Albuquerque wrote:
> Well, I didn't mean to start a discussion, although it sometimes is
> healthy.
> Anyway, when we find in files, currently, we get a list of files on the
> bottom panel. From there, we can open those files, one by one, and
> replace the strings. Which is, to say the least, very time consuming.
> Of course, such a feature involves risks. I'm not a developer, coder,
> programmer or anything like it, but I know for sure that, before doing
> such an operation, even for a single file, I should make a backup of all
> it's involved.
> If this feature where to be implemented, maybe a suggestion  to the user
> or even an automatic backup for undo operation could accompany it.
> It was just an idea. I'm using command line to do it (find, sed, bla,
> bla), as I know what I'm doing. I just thought it would make life easier
> for gui users. :-/
> Sorry for disturbing!

Not at all. I agree it would make life easier (for me too), and asking 
about it might give "someone" a nudge to implement improvements here. If 
I get some time I might have a look at the difficulty of implementing 
the two things I mentioned that you echoed (easier to open all files 
with matches[0] and global undo operation for "replace in session"). No 
promises though :)

Matthew Brush

[0]: I kind of remember some patches about this, need to look into it.

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