[Geany-Users] Find and replace in files

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Mon Aug 3 21:26:41 UTC 2015

On 15-08-03 02:15 PM, Lex Trotman wrote:
> On 4 August 2015 at 07:03, Matthew Brush <mbrush at codebrainz.ca> wrote:
>> [...]
>> I don't find this super dangerous as you can go
>> to each file and undo the replacement changes, even if tedious. A global
>> "undo all replacements" functionality would be very handy.
> The danger is that it makes unintended changes that you don't notice,
> like setting the missile launch to "on" :)

Yeah, that's the same with a single open document as it is with many. 
Either way if you're doing search and replace on your missile launch 
sequencer code, you should probably closely review the changes to the 
file(s) :)

Matthew Brush

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