[Geany-Users] I want to run a c program on Prisoner's Dilemma in Geany but can't

Rajib Bandopadhyay bkpsusmitaa at xxxxx
Wed Jul 23 11:19:08 UTC 2014

[Attn: Lex Trotman - Some additions]

On 23/07/2014, Rajib Bandopadhyay <bkpsusmitaa at gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Lex,
Please peruse the following links and then the attached snapshots:
A.   http://www.geany.org/Support/Plugins
The Geany-Plugins project
The Geany-Plugins project is a combined release for each matching
Geany release, starting with version 0.17.
It includes a huge number of plugins for different purposes.
Please have a look at http://plugins.geany.org/ for more information.

B.   http://plugins.geany.org/install.html
Install Geany-Plugins
There are different ways to get the Geany-Plugins project onto your
system. The easiest is to ask the package manager software of the
distribution you are using.

This approach has led me to a complicated situation. Instead of
focussing on the task at hand I am now trying to get Geany fixed.

I again draw your attention to Geany's USP, "...Another goal was to be as
independent as possible from a special Desktop Environment like KDE or
GNOME - Geany only requires the GTK2 runtime libraries..."

So how come Geany gets to depend on so many packages and breaks
them(snapshots)? ;)
I hope you would weigh the points I have raised.

And your email does not address my other issue: "There must be a
system of specific configuration where the developers test their
What is the specific system you all use? Let me know and I will set up
the same system to minimise fuss.

But first of all, I would compile the software from the source code
and try to solve the issues. Let's see how this goes :)

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