[Geany-Users] Hi! New to Geany. How does one ftp to production?

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sun Jul 21 02:00:54 UTC 2013

On 13-07-20 03:27 PM, Colin wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> Thanks very much for the note.
> Sounds reasonable.  Thanks!
> Although windows already has a file manager stub in it for use by editors.
> And a person may want to edit iteratively, most web programming, especially
> php is done that way nowadays.  All that building and etc... when easy file
> management and even ftp is a native function in windows, could be a bit
> much.

That's why the script automates those commands.

> I'm coming around to think that Geany as a text editor is fine, but as a
> code editor it may leave a bit to be desired.  Maybe not quite ready for
> prime time, out of the box.  Would need us to help it, edit it up a bit.

Depends on your requirements I guess.

> That's no slight to Geany.  And that doesn't mean we couldn't write our own
> version of Geany using some kind of plugin hooked to it. Just means that for
> web languages that require lots of iterative development it may not be quite
> ready to be used.  There seem to be some holes.

No need to write own version of Geany, it has a fairly robust plugin 
interfaces similar to SublimeText2 or other pluggable editors. No editor 
has everything you need built-in.

> Most mobile programmers, programmers that move around, may not always have
> the best connection, so mounting a remote server directory may not always be
> a viable option. Thus needing ftp to upload files on a case by case basis.

You can copy file from remote directory to local in advance...you asked 
for a workflow that copied local files to remote directory, and that's 
the same in my suggestions as anywhere else in the world.

Normally I'd expect devs to be checking out code from VCS and having 
local copy, my suggestions were to support your "plain old file moving 
between local and remote filesystems" workflow.

> If I was using a compilable language with a build or a make then it might be
> great.

It just runs commands, so it's completely dependent on the filetype what 
"Build" means (nothing to do with compiled languages per se).

> But alas we're not.
> Thanks again, like I said just a few show stoppers missing before we could
> recommend it to our group of web developers.

Each is own :)

> I'm going to remove us from the list as we continue our search, thanks again
> for the help!

This Email > /dev/null, heh

> And we'll look forward to seeing Geany again maybe later on.  For now it
> just seems to have 3 or 4 show stoppers for web development.

Meh, artificial barriers exist no matter which editor you use :)

Matthew Brush

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