[Geany-Users] Hi! New to Geany. How does one ftp to production?

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sat Jul 20 23:28:16 UTC 2013

Hi Colin,

Le 21/07/2013 00:27, Colin a écrit :
> I'm coming around to think that Geany as a text editor is fine, but as a
> code editor it may leave a bit to be desired.

I can tell you some do use it as such happily :)

> [...]
> Most mobile programmers, programmers that move around, may not always have
> the best connection, so mounting a remote server directory may not always be
> a viable option. Thus needing ftp to upload files on a case by case basis.

Why not using a DVCS (like Git) for that purpose?  Commit local changes
to e.g. Git, and push/pull them to the test env, etc.  Git even allows
hooks, so it can be completely automated when committing; or whatever.

I mean, what I do when doing web programming (not that often I admit) is
that I modify files in a local test env on my computer (where nobody but
I care it it sops working), and when I'm done I commit it to the VCS,
and push it to the next step (serious test env, or production).

Just a thought.


PS: CC-ing you in case you already unsubscribed from the list -- don't
worry, I won't continue spamming you ;)

PPS: BTW, although it's unfortunately not yet pre-built on Windows,
there is a little Geany plugin that can display & inspect a web page
(using Webkit), and that cab automatically be updated whenever you save
a file, allowing you to directly see the result.  That might perhaps be
of some interest to you.  http://plugins.geany.org/webhelper.html

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