[Geany-Users] Hi! New to Geany. How does one ftp to production?

Colin colin at xxxxx
Sat Jul 20 14:24:16 UTC 2013

Hi!  New and really want to like Geany. =)  


We have a php production system, where we develop in a local dev directory,
then move to a local test directory and if it passes test, then move those
files to out to the web to production/out for use by our user base.


We have a full on packaging and push system that we use for full releases to
the web, but developers do a lot of small releases as well along the way.


Any suggestions on how to do ftp directly from Geany after the files have
been tested? 


This seems like a really easy thing.  Any help?  Thoughts?  What does
everyone do?


Note: We haven't yet found away to actually copy a file to test yet in
Geany.  But a local ftp and an external would work just as well as a copy to
the test directory.  Seems like a nig hole for any web developer using this.
=)  Recommendations much appreciated. 


Thanks for any help,





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