[Geany-Users] Hi! New to Geany. How does one develop in local directory, then move file inside geany to test?

Colin colin at xxxxx
Sat Jul 20 22:27:41 UTC 2013

Hi Frank thanks for the quick note back.  Much appreciated!

Thanks again, like I said just a few show stoppers missing before we could
recommend it to our group of web developers.

I'm going to remove us from the list as we continue our search, thanks again
for the help.

And we'll look forward to seeing Geany again maybe later on.  For now it
just seems to have 3 or 4 show stoppers for web development and web




A lot of programming nowadays is iterative, well all web programming tends
to be.  Code editors need to support this as things start to change towards
that.  Most PHP tends to be.  Think of constantly jumping in and out of
Geany, to use another program for file management just to move a file or a
half dozen files you just edited, so you can test them locally, and then
having to do it over and over again, jumping in and out, again and again.
Yikes, time eater. =)  Again no dis to Geany.  The world's just changing,
what used to be ok for compilable languages just isn't the best for non
compilable ones where you want to save time.  Or where your shop is smaller
and mobile.

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Am 20.07.2013 16:13, schrieb Colin:
> This seems like a really easy thing.  Any help?  Thoughts?

Copying from inside Geany is not yet possible. Maybe the
treeviewer/filebrowser plugin will support it some time.
IMHO you should use an external tool for doing this anyway. On Windows I had
some good experience with WindowsCommander for such things.


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