[Geany-Users] Snippet completion not working + is code, minimap planned?

Emil Brink emil at xxxxx
Mon Dec 2 10:43:32 UTC 2013


> Minimap is actually not that hard to make, I started writing a plugin to
> do this a while back but stopped working on it due to the fact that I find
> it annoying and would never use it myself (I disable it in SublimeText2
> even). If someone wants to work on it, I might be able to find the code I
> started with.

I had a quick look at it yesterday too (it sounded interesting). One
problem I ran into was that it seems pretty hard to add widgets to the
notebook page of a document.

How did you solve this in your attempt, where did you put the minimap
widget(s)? Having one minimap widget per document tab seemed like the right
solution to me, but it wasn't very easy to implement.

Just wondering, not sure I'll work any more on the minimap but it was kind
of fun to try. :)


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