[Geany] Remembering folding status with geanynumberedbookmarks plugin

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Mon Sep 3 19:56:11 UTC 2012

On 12-09-03 05:33 AM, daspostloch wrote:
> [...]
> Yes, I'm absolutetly positive - turning it on and trying directly,
> restarting geany, rebooting, re-installing, recompiling, nothing
> helps. Because I can set and then go to the numbered bookmarks,
> I am quite certain that I have the plugin turned on. Is there any way
> to further debug this? I also noted however, that neither the numbered
> nor regular bookmarks are remembered between sessions, neither. So it

AFAIK, Geany's regular markers' (plus symbol, arrow, etc.) line numbers 
aren't saved to disk/restored.

> probably is a general problem saving this plugin's settings. This
> is my ~/.config/geany/plugins/Geany_Numbered_Bookmarks/settings.conf :
> [Settings]
> Center_When_Goto_Bookmark=true
> Remember_Folds=true
> Position_In_Line=0
> Where_To_Save_File_Details=0

Did you try to flip this to 1? Based on the source code it looks like 0 
means to store settings in the main configuration file (this one), and 1 
means to put settings in a file with the same name as the document and 
an ".gnbs.conf" extension in the same directory as the document in question.

> Remember_Bookmarks=true
> File_Details_Suffix=.gnbs.conf
> [...]
> As an additional oddity, the markers from the plugin do not
> honor any of the marker_* colors i set in filetypes.common .

I don't think Geany or Scintilla will style these markers, they are 
custom XPM images embedded in the source code and probably Scintilla is 
not brave enough to try and parse the XPM data and attempt to know how 
to colourise the images.

Matthew Brush

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