[Geany] Help with custom compiler

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Thu Jul 19 00:32:07 UTC 2012

On 12-07-18 01:23 PM, Laszlo Nagy wrote:
>    Hello,
> I'm developing a new language, and I would like Geany to handle it. It
> has a compiler which is a pyhon program. I could use this custom build
> command under linux:
> python /whatever_path/compiler.py "%f"
> and it works. However, under windows this custom build command:
> C:\Python27\python.exe c:\whatever_path\compiler.py "%f"
> does not work. When I press F8 then Geany starts python.exe (I can see
> it from the task manager). Then it takes a long time before it responds,
> telling that the compilation failed. If I start the very same command
> line in a terminal (cmd.exe) then it runs within 0.1 sec.
> What can be the problem?

What version of Geany are you using? IIRC there was some changes some 
time ago to fix quoting for how it runs spawns commands. Also if 
`whatever_path` has spaces and is unquoted it might cause problems, not 
sure though for Windows.

> My other question is about interpreting the output of my compiler - but
> first I would like to be able to use it under Windows.

This might be useful:

I'm not sure how strictly Geany follows that but it seems to be quite 
standard across various tools I've used.

Matthew Brush

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