[Geany] Request for feedback on my contributions to newsletter issue 1

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun Mar 20 22:01:33 UTC 2011


A bit late, but..

Le 15/03/2011 03:16, Russell Dickenson a écrit :
> I contributed the "Plugin Focus" and "Feature Focus" sections of the
> newsletter and I wonder what others thought of them. Was the language
> too simple or was it OK?

Totally OK IMHO, thanks for your work! :)

The only thing I feel weird about is the last sentences at the end of
the feature focus, about the comment being the one for the filetype (I'd
say "of course") and Geany being wonderful (again :D). I personally
think this sentence is useless (hey, the user probably already uses
Geany :D) and a bit... "self-congratulating", don't know the word.
No big deal however :)

> Was what I said accurate?

Seems, yeah :)
Maybe speaking about shortcuts (default for toggle is Ctrl+E) would have
been a plus, but maybe it's also a future Feature Focus (to be able to
assign custom shortcuts to almost everything).

> Was the screenshot shown in the "Plugin Focus" section OK? This was
> the first time I have ever annotated a screenshot so I wasn't sure
> if it looked OK.

I won't tell you it's great art, but it does it job totally well IMHO.
Maybe less red, but who cares anyway ^^


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