[Geany] Geany not getting focus on kubuntu

Dominik Stadler Dominik.Stadler at xxxxx
Thu Oct 1 20:51:54 UTC 2009


I usually have a copy of Geany running all the time with some often used files opened and just open new files with the one instance whenever I want to edit them. 

Currently the instance of Geany that is already running does not get moved to the foreground on my KDE system when I try to open a new file for editing from some other application, e.g. file browser, commandline, browser, ...

I.e. I already have Geany running, when I type "geany /tmp/test.txt", the new file is opened in the Geany window, but Geany remains in the background and is not brought to the foreground. I rather would like to have the behavior like Firefox, where I get the browser window moved to the foreground whenever a new URL is opened from the commandline or some other application.

Is there a way to achieve this? Would it require code-changes? if yes, any hint where to go looking? Or should I go looking somewhere else (general issue of Gnome apps on KDE?) for a solution?

Geany is version 0.16 on Kubuntu Jaunty (upgraded to KDE 4.3.1)

Thanks.... Dominik.
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