[Geany] Recent website changes

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Aug 17 09:54:32 UTC 2008

Hey all,

just for your interest, some days ago we changed a few things on the

- separated Plugin Wishlist from Plugins page:
  the plugin wishlist has now its own page and can still be edited. The
plugin page only holds general information about plugins and a list of
known plugins. The main reason for this was to reduce security risks by
getting malicious links in the world-editable pages. So, if you want to
visit any link listed on the plugin wishlist or the Contributions pages
be careful as they could be faked and link to another target than
exposed in the link text. Always remember there are spammers, botters
and other bad people out there :(.

- related to the above problem we enabled a security feature called
'URLApprove' which hides any new links which are added when editing
wiki pages until an admin (Nick, Frank and me) has approved these URLs.
It's something like a moderation but just for URLs not for content. If
you find any links which aren't working and have a 'approval' text next
to them, just mail one of us and/or wait until someone of us checked it.

- partly related to these issues we enabled RSS feeds, you can
basically subscribe a RSS feed of any of the wiki pages. The most
useful page is the AllRecentChanges page which lists any site changes.
The link to the RSS (2.0) feed for this page is:

- the Download/Releases page has been split to separate all the third
party package links into an own page and to keep the basic Releases
page small and list only 'official' Geany packages (source + Windows


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