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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Wed May 10 19:26:06 UTC 2006

On Wed, 10 May 2006 18:15:33 +0200, headstone <headstones at web.de> wrote:

> >> 3. unused symbols
> >> is it possible that unused symbols won't be displayed
> > What do you mean by unused symbols? Where should they not to be
> > displayed, in the symbol list in the sidebar?
> Yes I mean the sidebar.
> There are entrys like "Members", "Makro", "Struckt / Typedef" ,  
> "Variablen", "Sonstiges"
> (These are entrys in the german version)
> All these entrys are empty.
> On the otherside there are Entrys like "Klassen" and "Funktionen"  
> presenting a (colapsable) tree with all classes or functions in the  
> current sourcecode.
> I Know these entrys are only filled, when there is a counterpart in
> the sourcecode.
> But while I don't use a class there is no need for a "Klassen" entry
> in the sidebar. The same for "Makros".
Yes, but hiding unused entries would be more difficult then showing it
empty. I think it is ok when empty entries are shown. If you really
can't live with that, add some dummy variables.  ;-)

> Why is the Entry "Variablen" not filled even if there are variables
> in my soucecode?
This is because the parser for Python does not recognise variables.
Someone should write it...but now the parser differs between function
and methods.
> >> 4. Parser to find classes or functions
> >> I used the word "class" in a comment, geany thought it is another
> >> class definition, so it adds this "class" to the symbol view.
> >> The same to function definitions.

The changes will go into SVN this evening.


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