[Geany] Windows build of Geany 0.7

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Thu Jun 8 21:50:57 UTC 2006


I have built Geany under Windows 2000 and zipped all necessary files
together. Please be patient, it is not very well tested, one reason
maybe, that Windows is not my favourite operating system ;-).
But I think it is usable.
The problem with the new button which existed in the last build for
Windows is fixed and maybe some other things, too.
As in the last Windows build, some features are missing:
- complete build support (perhaps will be added later)
- notification if file on disk has changed (perhaps will be added later)
- embedded terminal emulation (VTE, as far as I know there is nothing
equal for Windows)
- support for detecting a running instance
Some of them will maybe added later, but at least at the moment I don't
know how to implement them. The more user request them the better are
the changes to get them.

Furthermore, I have no idea whether this build runs on all Windows
versions, I have only tested it under Windows 2000 SP4. To run Geany
under Windows you need the GTK runtime libraries, download it from:
For Windows 2000 and newer:
For Windows 98 and older:


In the future Windows builds can be closer to the normal releases and I
would also provide an installer with included GTK runtime libraries
for easier installation and use. But this depends on the demand. I
don't want to spend much time on the Windows build if no one uses it.

So, please mail me if you (want to) use it and write your comments, bug
reports or anything else.


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