[Geany] New Release: Geany 0.7

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Jun 4 15:30:38 UTC 2006


Geany 0.7 has been released. 

Changes since Geany 0.6:
* user-definable keyboard shortcuts
* filetype definition files can be overridden in Geany's configuration
  directory (please see documentation)
* added filetypes Ruby and Tcl/Tk
* improved build system (for Perl, Python, Ruby and others)
* loading of Virtual Terminal Emulation can be disabled in the
  preferences dialog
* new menu item "Search" with Find items from Edit menu and new item
  "Find Previous"
* fixed the bug which let Geany crash with newer GTK versions
* improved documentation: added documentation for keyboard shortcuts,
  the build system and filetype definition files
* new translations: Catalan and Polish
* many small improvements
* fixed lots of bugs (please see ChangeLog for details)

All downloads can be found on 
http://files.uvena.de/geany/ or

Some notes:
Since this version, it is possible to override the filetype definition
files in Geany's configuration directory. To do so, just copy any
definition files you want to override in the subdirectory "filedefs" in
Geany's configuration directory and edit is as needed. This has the
advantage, that you don't have to be root(in the case that Geany is
e.g. installed somewhere in /usr) and that the changes will be still
available after an update of Geany. For further information, please
read the documentation, section "Filetype definition files".

And since this version, you can define your own keyboard shortcuts.
This can be done in the preferences dialog. There are some actions for
which you set shortcuts. If you think an action is missing, just say it.

We have updated the documentation, now you can find more information
about the build system, the keyboard shortcuts and the format of the
filetype definition files. Please read it.

The bug, which let Geany crash with newer GTK versions(> 2.8.10) has
been fixed. Now, Geany should be more stable. Please test it.

We will be happy about any feedback, whether positive or negative ;-).


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