[Geany] WishList (I can help with implementation if you point places)

Yura Semashko yurand2 at xxxxx
Sun Jun 11 14:13:36 UTC 2006

Hi, thanks for nice editor, I am working on Belarusian translation now.

Currently I use emacs or scite for my small C,C++,Python projects, Geany looks 
like a nice replacement to them but I lack several features.

1) Go to tag declaration/definition should use word pointed by mouse not 
cursor.  Example:

   ba<cursor is here>r()

If I left click on "foo" and choose go to tag declaration, geany will try to 
find "bar" (I wish "foo")

2) Ability to jump to error line atfer compilation failed (using hotkey or by 
clicking on compiler output)

3) Project mangement (I don't require complicated stuff or GUI for editing it)

Project file can look like simple file with few record: 

PROJECT_SOURCES = foo.c bar/bar.c
MAKE_DIR                = ~/projects/fooproj

When you load project it simply open all files in PROJECT_SOURCES. Also it 
would be nice to have MAKE_DIR variable for specifying makefile location
because if I have structure like this:


I will get "no makefile error" if I edit "bar.c" and try to hit build key.

5) Ability to call external program for word poined by cursor. (Will use for 
calling documentation browser)

6) Debuger support (I understand that this one is most complicated and 
unlikely be implemented)
Best regards,
Yura Semashko

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