[Geany-i18n] wondering about help translation

Lucas Vieites lucasvieites at xxxxx
Tue Apr 13 10:05:32 UTC 2010

  Hi again,
>> At present the manual is the text file geany.txt if I see this right?
> AT least the basis of all, yes.

  If I understand correctly, the html file is generated from this txt
file at some point?

>> Why not just create files geany-es.txt, geany-de.txt and so on?
>> Writing in reST shouldn't be a problem for the translators, is it?
>> When using the current geany.txt as basis, you would just have to
>> change the text and save it as geany-cc.txt (where cc is your
>> countrycode).
> Yes, I think this would be a goal of the project.
>> Maybe the current geany.txt could be renamed to geany-en.txt so that
>> the geany.txt will be the index-file you were talking about.
> I disagree. I'd prefer something similar to LANG=C also for
> translations to make clear, which is the "main" translation, the
> fallback one.
>> Translators could just begin to write their geany-cc.txt and send it
>> to Frank or this list, and when something changes on the files, send a
>> patch accordingly. This is how translations for Geany works at present
>> and I don't think it's necessary to change it much, unless Frank feels
>> too stressed with applying patches. :)
> Basically, you are right. Unfortunately without any support tools or
> support process I'm afraid translators might losing some changes
> inside English translation to port which might can cause conflicts
> inside documentation.

  As I explained (hopefully clearly) in a previous message, this is no
problem when using software that supports translation memories. I will
be glad to create a small document showing how to use such software
(there are several open-source alternatives available).

> Cheers,
> Frank
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> http://frank.uvena.de/en/

Lucas Vieites
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