[Geany-Devel] Building geany using msys2 on Windows 10

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Fri Sep 10 17:17:54 UTC 2021


I do not know the Windows compiler environment, but on Linux I switched
back the Gtk3 to Gtk2 successfully. Just change the 'configure.ac' at
line 79 to `[enable_gtk2=yes])`. And of course install the Gtk2-dev

You can see it (and my CI solution) here:


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<On Thu, 9 Sept 2021 at 14:05, Doug Henderson <djndnbvg at gmail.com>
wrote: <>> Can someone suggest how to correct this snippet of code in
the wiki <>> page to work now, or how to make a modified version of
<>> "cross-build-mingw.sh" which will work for buildinig on mingw on a
<>> Windows machine.  
<On 09.09.21 06:31, Lex Trotman wrote:
<> Not sure who posted the wiki or how relevant it is (its a wiki after
<> all :), for example Geany now only supports GTK3, not GTK2.  
<I think Thomas wrote the page initially and I edited it later on. So
now <you know who to blame :).
<> The official Windows build processes are currently under upgrade as a
<> result, see https://github.com/geany/geany/pull/2590 and
<> https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins/pull/1107.  Not sure the
status <> and if they are usable yet, but you might find the updated
packages <> used there.  
<They are usable and just need review.
<With both PRs I built full Geany and Geany-Plugins on native Windows as
<well as a cross built using Docker images.
<> IIUC after this is complete it might be possible to make a docker
<> container available to build Geany for windows with all the necessary
<> dependencies, no guarantees though.  
<That's the plan and it already works quite well. Still need to be
<polished and published and integrated in CI.
<Anyway, to get back to Doug's question:
<I'm going to prepare Windows installers for the current master on the
<weekend and so have some 1.38 beta or preview.
<I'll also try to update the wiki page to reflect the current state,
much <has changed due to the switch to GTK3 and x86_64. But it might
take a <little more time to finish.
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