[Geany-Devel] Building geany using msys2 on Windows 10

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Thu Sep 9 22:05:23 UTC 2021


On Thu, 9 Sept 2021 at 14:05, Doug Henderson <djndnbvg at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Can someone suggest how to correct this snippet of code in the wiki
>> page to work now, or how to make a modified version of
>> "cross-build-mingw.sh" which will work for buildinig on mingw on a
>> Windows machine.

On 09.09.21 06:31, Lex Trotman wrote:
> Not sure who posted the wiki or how relevant it is (its a wiki after
> all :), for example Geany now only supports GTK3, not GTK2.

I think Thomas wrote the page initially and I edited it later on. So now
you know who to blame :).

> The official Windows build processes are currently under upgrade as a
> result, see https://github.com/geany/geany/pull/2590 and
> https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins/pull/1107.  Not sure the status
> and if they are usable yet, but you might find the updated packages
> used there.

They are usable and just need review.
With both PRs I built full Geany and Geany-Plugins on native Windows as
well as a cross built using Docker images.

> IIUC after this is complete it might be possible to make a docker
> container available to build Geany for windows with all the necessary
> dependencies, no guarantees though.
That's the plan and it already works quite well. Still need to be
polished and published and integrated in CI.

Anyway, to get back to Doug's question:
I'm going to prepare Windows installers for the current master on the
weekend and so have some 1.38 beta or preview.

I'll also try to update the wiki page to reflect the current state, much
has changed due to the switch to GTK3 and x86_64. But it might take a
little more time to finish.


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