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My name is Leif Persson, from Sweden, and I have worked many years with C, C++, C# on Windows. About a year ago I changed work and since then I'm only working in linux. I really missed my Visual Studio and tried all the different code editors there is for linux until I finally found Geany which is really good for an old Windows developer. However, there was still some things that I missed so I have made three plugins that make my life much easier.

This plugin is supposed to be hooked up to the keybinding Ctrl-Tab and shows a dialog with open files and "tool-windows". When opened the dialog will show open files in the order of last used. Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab and also arrow keys can be used to select any file or tool windows to switch to.

Goto Function
This plugin shows all the functions of the current document and has a quick sarch text box at the top. It allows to very quickly jump to even then you only remember a part of the functions name.

Switch Document
I often have many documents open and switching to the correct one could be very time consuming. This plugin lists all open documents in a dialog and it has a quick search text box at the top. Just write a part of the file name and the list of files is reduced. Very quick and handy!

I have compiled them for both Linux and Windows and they seem to work as intended and I would like to share them with everyone. How do I go about to do this?
Just put the on github? Maybe everyone isn't comfortable with building from source themself, especially on Windows?
Or include them in the Geany plugin collection somehow? I suppose this assumes that they are interesting for other people?

Leif Persson

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