[Geany-Devel] Idea: use function keys as modifiers?

Thrawn shell_layer-geany at xxxxx
Tue May 28 22:04:27 UTC 2013

Hi, folks.

Is it possible to enable the use of the function keys, F1-F12, as modifier keys?

I love Geany's custom keybindings, but I'm running out of intuitive options, especially with multiple plugins and multiple custom Lua scripts. Using the function keys as extra modifiers would help a lot.

It would be much easier to remember, say, F9+c = compile, F9+m = make, F9+o = Make custom object, F9+e = Execute, rather than using F8, F9, Shift+F8, Shift+F9, Ctrl+Shift+F8, etc. Plus there would be over a thousand shortcuts available that way (although using Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12 might require dislocating fingers).

Is it feasible to implement this in Geany?


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