[Geany-Devel] New Lua script: review SVN changes

Thrawn shell_layer-geany at xxxxx
Mon May 27 21:37:53 UTC 2013

Hi, folks.

I've uploaded a new Lua script to

It retrieves the list of SVN revisions for the current file and lets you choose one, then displays the diff for that revision. Just a little something extra that I wished was in the geanyvc plugin, because our team routinely reviews each other's commits.

Currently it doesn't support other version control systems, but if someone wants to add them, it wouldn't be hard (just detect the version control type for the file and issue the appropriate shell command).

It does show changes to any other files in the same directory. I suppose a future version could detect the project base directory, if a project is open, and capture all changes for the selected revision within the project.

Any feedback?


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