[Geany-Devel] GEANY - New behaviour of "close" document action to close only tabs

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at herbesfolles.org
Tue Jan 22 01:41:35 UTC 2013


Le 22/01/2013 01:19, vadim kochan a écrit :
> Thanks for trying understand me. 
> Ok, so when I use any IDE  I expect & actually want it, that I can
> group files into project (yeah Geany supports it by term "session").
> After that I can select some files into tab & work with them, if I dont
> need some
> file I can exclude it from tab, but not from project bcouse it means
> that I dont want this file
> currently but this file should stay included into project. For example
> when I load Geany
> related files from project file I see all tabs are open and for me its
> difficult to navigation between them.
> It would be much usefull for me if I can select into tabs files which I
> need dynamically.

IIUC, you just want to have a few files open from a larger set (called
"project" generally) but keep a list of all files in that set.  OK, fair
enough, I can understand that.  And other people already did, and wrote
plugins for this: GProject and GeanyPrj does this (and more) AFAIK.

And if those plugins don't please you, you probably could easily write a
new one that just keeps a list of files in the set (project), just  like
the "Documents" sidebar lists the currently open files.

> I look on tabs like fast navigation between
> needed files for some short period.
> In next time when I load same project I can select another files into
> tabs, but I want that rest of files
> which belongs to this project stay here. 
> May be the missunderstanding comes from
> different terms which we use: 
> - I use the term "project" and by this I mean that files which I loaded into
> sidebar will stay here (most of them) for a some long time.
> - You use the term "session", and probably it means you want use loaded
> files 
> for some short time?
> Actually this "tab" behaviour is standart for most of the IDE I has been
> used.

Yes, what Geany calls a "project" is basically only a set of files to
open, plus a few settings.  Mostly like a "session", e.g. it allows to
reopen the files you want.

This may or may not be what you wish for, but it's simple and as said,
there already are plugins that extends this project feature to behave
more like other IDE's "projects" (and I think, more like you wish it
behaved).  If you want one of these plugins, they are here for you.  If
you don't want them, don't install/enable them, that's as simple as it
gets;  it's flexible and everybody can be happy.

Even, you see there are already 2 different project plugins, which means
you can chose the one you prefer.  Or even write a new one if they don't
fit your needs.


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