[Geany-Devel] GEANY - New behaviour of "close" document action to close only tabs

Matthew Brush mbrush at codebrainz.ca
Tue Jan 22 01:58:43 UTC 2013

On 13-01-21 04:19 PM, vadim kochan wrote:

> May be the missunderstanding comes from
> different terms which we use:
> - I use the term "project" and by this I mean that files which I loaded into
> sidebar will stay here (most of them) for a some long time.
> - You use the term "session", and probably it means you want use loaded
> files
> for some short time?
> Actually this "tab" behaviour is standart for most of the IDE I has been
> used.

One thing that's different from Geany from other IDEs I've used is that 
it doesn't have "files in the project" but rather just stores "where are 
the project's files" (ie. base path). For example in XCode or VS, you 
have to "add files to the project" because they do all kinds of nice 
stuff like compiling everything together for release/debug/etc, 
precompiled headers, on-the-fly "smart" completion, debugging, semantic 
highlighting, inter-project/solution dependencies, refactorings, etc. 
Most of this kind of fancy stuff needs to actually know all of the files 
because it needs to be able to always build the project's target(s).

Geany's core is not this advanced (on purpose), so it's just basically 
when you set a project path, you tell Geany the default location of the 
file chooser dialog box for opening files and stuff, and as a bonus, it 
remembers which files you had open separately from those you had open 
without a project loaded.

As mentioned by others, it sounds like you're wanting the Tree Browser 
plugin since it can show all your project's files and allow you to 
rapidly access them without keeping their tabs open, somewhat similar to 
like you'd have in XCode, VS or Eclipse.

Matthew Brush

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