[Geany-devel] Usability fix - saving tab state

Axel apeka1990 at xxxxx
Mon Jul 9 22:41:46 UTC 2012


I believe there is a usability flaw in Geany - opened documents' list is
saved only if you exit the editor in 'traditional' way (by clicking exit
button or so). It's completely lost, if the process's killed. This was
irritating for me, as I tend not to close every program when shutting down,
but rather push the 'shutdown' button and get them all killed - and get the
list of opened documents lost. I believe I'm not the only one saving time
on this, moreover, if your system hangs, you loose this list as well.

Anyway, this wasn't hard to fix - just calling *configuration_save() *upon
opening or closing a file. Operation itself seems to be cheap (although
it's rewriting a config completely, as I see) - noticed no performance
issues on my 1 GB RAM netbook.

Sent you a pull request on GitHub.
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