[Geany-devel] editing big files can be too slow with tag reparsing

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Tue Sep 27 01:05:33 UTC 2011

Le 27/09/2011 02:03, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> Hey Colomban,
> [...]
>> 0001-Per-document-real-time-symbols-setting.patch:
>> Adds a per-document setting for real-time updates and a menu item in the
>> Document menu.  There is still a FIXME in it, feel free to give ideas :)
> This looks like a good idea.
> For the fixme, It shouldn't apply per document settings here, they are
> not in the prefs so they won't have changed.  Just leave it out.

There is no prefs, but if autocompletion_update_freq is changed to or
from 0 (e.g. disabled or enabled), then we need to update the setting
for all documents where the user haven't done a choice.  Otherwise the
setting would only change for newly opened documents, which is no good IMHO.

BTW, I just see I actually add a user_choice flag in 0002, so the info
is here:

	if (! documents[i]->priv->tag_list_update.user_choice)
		documents[i]->priv->tag_list_update.user_choice =
			editor_prefs.autocompletion_update_freq > 0;

>> 0002-Tell-the-user-if-real-time-reparsing-is-slow-and-let.patch:
>> This one adds the check for the updating duration and asks the user.  It
>> is WIP, and I'm not really convinced by the dialog, as you can read in a
>> TODO.  Apart that, it seems to work pretty OK.
> Havn't had time to look at this, but as I said its a last resort.

Yeah, but if the user don't make a choice by accident just because she
was typing something else, I think it's better :)

>> Both misses docs, up to come when they are ready.
>> So, I'm soliciting your impressions, opinions, remarks, etc.  Also, is
>> this whole thing important enough to break string freeze less than a
>> week before release? (read: to have some strings untranslated)
> I'm not Nick, but I would suggest leaving it until after release,
> thats not far away, and then as soon as it is committed Nick will have
> built a new version :)

Agreed, apart that if it is a real problem, Nick won't be the only one
suffering of it.  But Matthew tried on a Windows XP and didn't see any
issue, so it at least doesn't affect everybody... /me still wonders
what's happening.


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