[Geany-devel] Geany Color Schemes and Extras Page

Nathan Broadbent nathan.f77 at xxxxx
Thu Dec 8 05:17:43 UTC 2011

> So what I propose is to move these links (and also the online color scheme
> generator) to a sub-page or sub-section for "legacy" color schemes, with a
> description about when to use which colour schemes with which versions. This
> way people who use older Geany versions can still access them but they won't
> be the "default" schemes users will find. I'd also like to put descriptions,
> screenshots and links to the geany-themes color schemes on the Extras page.
> If time allows I plan to also  extend the wiki page[4] to include
> information about the older colour schemes and the transition/version stuff.


When I started evaluating Geany, the 'Themes' section on the Extras
page really turned me off. Theme support appeared to be limited, some
of the links were broken, and some of the themes didn't work.
It took me a long time to find your geany-themes project on github,
since I only found it after searching Github for geany related
But when I found it, it really influenced my decision about switching to Geany.

So I would like to help to re-organize and update the Extras page. If
nothing else, it needs some clearer section headings. I'm a web
developer by trade, so please let me know if there's any way I can
I would like to offer to create the screenshots for each of the themes
in geany-themes, create a gallery page for these (perhaps with a nice
jQuery lightbox), and add a link to this gallery from the sidebar. I
really think the collection of themes is big enough to deserve it's
own page.

Does that sound reasonable?

Nathan B

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