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Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Tue Nov 16 06:16:16 UTC 2010

On 16 November 2010 13:35, L.Bryce Whitson Jr. <lwhitson2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> All,
> I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Bryce Whitson and I am a PhD
> Student at Purdue University. My studies are based around the use of
> Numerical Analysis of High-Speed Reacting Flows (Computational Fluid
> Dynamics).


> As a general rule, we use Fortran for all of our coding needs, so I know my
> way around a Fortran code. This is actually what brings me to this list. We
> have recently begun utilizing the CUDA Fortran compiler by PGI and I would
> like to extend Geany's capabilities to include the CUDA Fortran language by
> default. I would have put in a feature request for this, but I figure there
> are not enough people out there coding in CUDA Fortran for it to become a
> priority.
> With that being said, I am completely new to the C/C++ coding world, so this
> will be a learning experience in more than one way for me. Assuming I am
> able to integrate the CUDA Fortran filetype into Geany, I would then like to
> move on to the CUDA C programming language as well.
> This is my first foray into coding for the open source world; I guess you
> could call me a noob, haha. So, anyone have any advice on how to get
> started?

First question, how differernt is CUDA Fortran to normal fortran?

If it has perhaps a couple of extra keywords and some libraries you
might get away with configuring a custom filetype and tags files based
on the current Fortran tag parser and highlighter.  This needs no
coding, just editing configuration files.  Note custom filetypes are
distinguished from the built-in filetypes by the extension of source
files, so that is required to be different, or you lose the use of the
standard filetype, which may be ok for your own use but may not be ok
for distribution.

If differences are more complex then you need a new built-in filetype
with new tag parser and lexer, and then you can distinguish filetypes
by content as well as extension.

Read the manual on custom filetypes first and see how you go.  If you
decide you need to jump in deeper read the Hacking file and ask here,
but don't assume that anyone knows whats special about your language
or extension so don't use terms specific to it or explain them.

Oh and have fun :-)


> Thanks,
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> L.Bryce Whitson Jr.
> LWhitson2 at gmail.com
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