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L.Bryce Whitson Jr. lwhitson2 at xxxxx
Tue Nov 16 02:35:52 UTC 2010


I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Bryce Whitson and I am a PhD
Student at Purdue University. My studies are based around the use of
Numerical Analysis of High-Speed Reacting Flows (Computational Fluid

As a general rule, we use Fortran for all of our coding needs, so I know my
way around a Fortran code. This is actually what brings me to this list. We
have recently begun utilizing the CUDA Fortran compiler by PGI and I would
like to extend Geany's capabilities to include the CUDA Fortran language by
default. I would have put in a feature request for this, but I figure there
are not enough people out there coding in CUDA Fortran for it to become a

With that being said, I am completely new to the C/C++ coding world, so this
will be a learning experience in more than one way for me. Assuming I am
able to integrate the CUDA Fortran filetype into Geany, I would then like to
move on to the CUDA C programming language as well.

This is my first foray into coding for the open source world; I guess you
could call me a noob, haha. So, anyone have any advice on how to get

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L.Bryce Whitson Jr.
LWhitson2 at gmail.com
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