[Geany-devel] Git switch

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Jun 14 11:19:20 UTC 2010

> I think something that might be worth noting is that we should pick a
> host that has support http:// fetching, and even better, smart http://.

Good point

>> * How many people contribute to one, and what hosting service do they
>> use and what is the experience, is performance consistent and better
>> than Sourceforge SVN, all around the world?
> In Singapore and Malaysia, gitorious.org and github.com have been
> extremely stable and fast, unlike sourceforge.net.
>> * And does anyone have experience using any other DVCS and hosting
>> service that would make them recommend it, or recommend against it?
> I've used bzr before, But I would recommend against it, as bzr still
> seems to have the occasional repository format migration which, if
> things go wrong, can cause your repositories to suddenly become
> unmergeable. Also, it's one branch per repository, which leads to as
> many copies of the project as you have branches (i.e. not so cheap
> branching).
>> * should the bug tracker be moved?  Can it be done without losing
>> anything?
> I'm against any bug tracker that lacks either a read/writeable web
> interface or a read/writeable e-mail interface. (I like
> launchpad.net's bug tracker, but that's just me.)
>> There are rather a lot of options listed here:
>> https://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/GitHosting  Has anyone used any?
>> The important things we need to know about a hosting service are:
>> * likely stability, some have gone offline during the GFC, but this is
>> hard to judge
>> * performance for a good range of users in a good range of locations
>> * reliability, low downtime
>> * features, hosting clones, bug tracking ?????
>> My answer is that I only run Git locally, so I cannot add any
>> information.
>> Who can?  I'm happy to collate the replies.
>> So far, Jiri I take it you are happy with Gitorious, it has the
>> features, but some don't like its style, does anyone have performance
>> problems with it? Whats its reliability like?
>> For Github, some really don't like its style :-)
> I don't really care about whichever hosting service we use, as long as
> it has:
>  * A good and stable internet connection to various places around the
>   world (I particularly care about Malaysia and Singapore).
>  * A fairly usable web interface that supports showing logs, browsing
>   the tree, showing diffs for commits. (github.com and gitorious.org
>   satisfy me in this aspect).
>  * git:// read-only access, git+ssh:// push access, http:// read-only
>   access. http:// push access would be a plus, though.
> P.S. What's GFC?

Oops sorry, non-computer acronym, global financial crisis

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