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I am assuming that you are talking about file templates.

On 19 February 2010 06:58, Tony Rick <tonyr at hevanet.com> wrote:

> Hi.  I'm Tony Rick, and I hit the wrong list for requesting the 'help'
> response the first time.
> I'm in Portland Oregon, where a lot of programmers like me are 'at liberty'
> and looking for things to do.  I'm currently helping teach a Beginning C
> Programming class at a local computer hardware recycling non-profit
> organization, FreeGeek.  (Maybe you've heard of it,
> http://www.freegeek.org  if not).  The class is using Geany v0.14 on
> Debian Lenny, which will update to 0.17 with a backports repository enabled.
>  One of the questions that came up in class was about the GPL license in the
> header being a visual irritant.  I explained briefly about editing
> templates,

Hope you mentioned about not removing them from existing code :-)

> but having them updated requires a Geany restart in that version. I scanned
> the mailing list archives and features list and template management issues
> have been raised before.

AFAIK the directories are only scanned & the menu created at startup, so
thats why restart is needed.  Because its only needed if you add or remove a
template, not when editing an existing one, no one has been irritated enough
to do anything about it :-)

> One of the features requests (2925273, from arquebus), requested a
> templates file selection item in the Tools menu.  I thought I might start
> there.  I haven't figured out yet what the criteria are for deciding what
> should be psrt of the core and what should be a plugin.   I also discovered
> that custom templates do not appear automatically when saved.  The
> Documentation indicates that this requires a Geany restart also, but the
> 'Reload Configuration' tool does indeed add them.  I'm not sure whether this
> is a bug (templates and related menus should be updated when files are
> modified, like configuration files), or a serendipitous feature that simply
> 'came along with' Reload Configuration,  or should be mentioned in the
> Templates section of the documentation (which it currently does not, IIRC).

I suggest that the simplest start point would be to add a re-scan menu item
to the templates menu itself.  It would just need to destroy and re-create
the menu. As I said its not needed very often so the effort for automatic
update probably isn't worth it.

> My original thought was to use GIO and monitor the templates directory for
> changes, but I saw several posts about problems with GIO and detecting
> remote file changes and the use of the GIO compiler conditional, and so
> assumed that the Reload Configuration method had been chosen as an interrim
> solution, and that GIO file change detection was on hold until the remote
> file issue had been resolved.
> - tony

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