[Geany-devel] [patch] Improved documents list sorting

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Wed Apr 28 12:08:47 UTC 2010

Thomas Martitz a écrit :
>> 40 seconds for 235 files here. Still largely annoying, I frequently
>> switch projects which is basically a pain. This 235 are part of a
>> project. A real one which I use, not just a test case.
>> Can the recent manager be disabled for projects? The files are
>> collected in projects and there's the recent project list, so I don't
>> see a need to add files that belong to a project to the recent files
>> list.
Yes, I think it could be a (hidden?) option at least until it got fixed
at the GTK level. Note that anyway it is only available if Geany was
compiled against GTK >= 2.12.

>> To be honest, I never use the recent files feature. 11 seconds sounds
>> like a dream.
>> Best regards.
> I did a test as well. I commented out the two add_recent_file() calls,
> and loading my 235-files project now takes 25 seconds, which is better
> but nowhere near your 11 seconds. But I noticed the HDD led doesn't
> blink anymore during the file opening so I'd say I can confirm I/O usage
> is heavily reduced (no writes).
Remember that I used 300 *empty* files with *no filetype*, which means
that any thing Geany does to detect file type, encoding, load tags
files, etc. is reduced at the minimum. I don't expect it would be the
same with 300 real files.
This to say that yes, the recent manager takes way to much resources,
but of course there's probably other rooms for improvements.

Can you try to run Geany with the -v switch (verbose) and measure the
time it takes to load all the files (detecting file type, etc.)?


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