[Geany-devel] In-memory tagmanager parsing

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun Apr 18 13:48:14 UTC 2010


I took a look at the tagmanager in an attempt to make it work in-memory,
since it is not yet completely the case.
I found why and how to fix the (C?) function arguments (attached patch),
and it seems to work pretty well for C (and Python and PHP, though I did
only a few tests with them).

For now the only defect I saw (with C) is with anonymous enumerations
and so (that are named anon_enum_NUM) with which the NUM increases at
each re-parsing (I use document_update_tag_list(doc, TRUE) to re-parse);
but I suppose it wouldn't it too difficult to fix, would it?.

Then, I would like to know what else didn't work, what need to be fixed,
etc.; because I'd really love to have it working.

Enrico Tröger wrote: (on thread Function Definition)
> Some time ago, I started working on this but it never really worked and
> additionally, it could work currently only for a few parsers (some of
> those are C, Fortran, SQL IIRC). To get it working reliably, some more
> work is needed and we would have to adjust *all* existing parsers which
> is by no means an easy task.
Do you know which parsers would *not* work? And hum, if each and every
parser must care about buffer VS file, wouldn't it be good to abstract
this a little more? (with e.g. a little I/O layer - I already started a
small library to check if it would be easy to emulate file I/O on
buffer, and it seems not to be too hard)

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