[Geany-devel] In-memory tagmanager parsing

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Apr 18 22:34:42 UTC 2010

On Sun, 18 Apr 2010 15:48:14 +0200, Colomban wrote:

>I took a look at the tagmanager in an attempt to make it work
>in-memory, since it is not yet completely the case.
>I found why and how to fix the (C?) function arguments (attached
>patch), and it seems to work pretty well for C (and Python and PHP,
>though I did only a few tests with them).

What exactly do you mean?
Do you refer to the broken function signature parsing when the
in-memory parsing is enabled? But how is this related to Python and PHP
parsers as those parsers work completely differently?

>For now the only defect I saw (with C) is with anonymous enumerations
>and so (that are named anon_enum_NUM) with which the NUM increases at
>each re-parsing (I use document_update_tag_list(doc, TRUE) to
>re-parse); but I suppose it wouldn't it too difficult to fix, would

No idea. I don't know the C parser that well (tagmanager/c.c).
I always tried to touch it as less than possible as it is very complex
and very easy to break it :(.

>Then, I would like to know what else didn't work, what need to be
>fixed, etc.; because I'd really love to have it working.

The parsers...

>Enrico Tröger wrote: (on thread Function Definition)
>> Some time ago, I started working on this but it never really worked
>> and additionally, it could work currently only for a few parsers
>> (some of those are C, Fortran, SQL IIRC). To get it working
>> reliably, some more work is needed and we would have to adjust *all*
>> existing parsers which is by no means an easy task.
>Do you know which parsers would *not* work? And hum, if each and every

All except C, Fortran, SQL and JavaScript.
I searched my personal mail archives, the Geany and Geany-devel mailing
list archives and everything but I didn't find any correspondance where
I mentioned that experiemental code I committed :(.
Though I was very sure (until I didn't find any related mail) that I
talked to Nick about this, either via personal mail or via a mailing
list. Either my memories kid on me or I lost those mails.

Nick do you remember any conversion with me about this and maybe still
have the relevant mails?

Anyway, best documentation is the source, haha. The whole stuff have
been added in SV r3184

I don't remember all details (sigh, this is long time ago :( ), but I
think the main problem was that most parsers read the data from the
file so that it could not be easily converted to read from a buffer.
Only the few above mentioned parsers did it so that we could change the
underlying data to be a buffer instead of a real file.

>parser must care about buffer VS file, wouldn't it be good to abstract
>this a little more? (with e.g. a little I/O layer - I already started a
>small library to check if it would be easy to emulate file I/O on
>buffer, and it seems not to be too hard)

Yeah, that would be a clean and proper solution and would probably
solve a lot of problems.
But before doing this, we need to decide whether we want to stay as
compatible as possible with the CTags project(which makes very slow
progress, almost dead) as we did before or whether we would spend time
on modernising the parsers and adjust them to work more like we need it
(not sure how many differences there would be at all though).

Once this decision is made, we can think about your question above
about an I/O abstracting layer.

After all, yay for bringing this topic up again, I guess when we really
get to get it working, it's being a great thing for users, i.e. us and
many more :D.


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