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2009/9/30 Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de>:
> On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 13:58:42 +1000, Lex wrote:
> Hey,
>>>> Some of the default key combinations cannot be changed, e.g.
>>>> menu_new TODO which ones? and are they actually prevented or just
>>>> *should* not
>>>> changed or menu_open. These are set by GTK and should be kept, but
>>>> you can
>>> AFAIK these are the GTK stock menu items and can't be changed, at
>>> least not without noticeable efforts/hacks.
>>> Do we need to describe this even further?
>>Unfortunately? they can be changed, I just went to keybindings
>>preferences and redefined new as alt-n, both ctrl-n and alt-n worked
>>as new. Then defined ctrl-n as save as and it worked as save as not as
>>new and alt-n still worked as new..  And such changes to keybindings
>>save and re-load.
> Ok, then my memories lied at me :).
> But at least I was partially right: the displayed accelerators on the
> stock menu items are not updated, not even after a restart.

Nick and I had a long discussion about accels not changing in the past
when I discovered the <super> problem.  I thought that problem had
been fixed as part of making accels change when keybindings are
changed, without reload being needed.  It is possible to change the
accel labels even on stock items, you just have to remove the
accelerator before adding a new one, see attached <super> problem demo
program which uses gtk-open and gtk-new stock items and increments the
accelerator each time a menu item is activated. (sorry its in C++ with
"quick and dirty test program" style :-)

Note: a little like the subtle difference between should and can
below, the GTK documentation says you can't *change* the accels, it
doesn't say you can't remove them and add a different one :-)

>>Thats why I thought it should say you *should* not change them because
>>the program doesn't actually prevent you from doing so and *cannot*
>>means that the program will stop you changing them.
> Yes, but it's just a minor technical difference, I'd say. Though, if
> you feel like expressing the text more descriptive, patches are
> much welcome :).

Ahhh, sorry, your English is so good that I always forget its not your
first language.

At least in this country, and I suspect in all English as a first
language countries, children learn early that if they ask "can I do
..." the reply is "you can but you may not" making us very sensitive
to the difference between being capable of doing something and being
permitted to do it, or in the case of changing default keyboard
accels, being advised against it :-)

Patch attached, and I've marked the relevant keys in the table IAW the
Gnome HIG (I think I got them all).

>>> The other TODOs have been removed and replaced with proper content, I
>>> hope :). And finally, it's getting committed soon.
>>Thanks and apologies to translators who have to go through it again :-)
> There are no official translations available of the documentation,
> official here means those we would know of.
> Regards,
> Enrico
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