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Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Sep 28 03:58:42 UTC 2009

2009/9/28 Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de>:
> On Sat, 26 Sep 2009 20:05:17 +1000, Lex wrote:
>>2009/9/26 Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de>:
>>> On Wed, 23 Sep 2009 12:18:53 +1000, Lex wrote:
>>> Heyho,
>>>>Attached is a patch providing some cleanups for geany.txt.
>>> wow. Amazing work.
>>>>NOTE: There are a few TODOs in the file that need to be checked
>>>>before the geany.html is re-created (Addons plugin compatible :-).
>>>> These are things that I didn't know the answers to.
>>> "Addons plugin compatible"? What do you mean?
>>Ahhh, I just meant that they show up in the tasks window if your
>>addons plugin has it enabled.  I can't do without it, my programs in
>>development are littered with TODOs  :-)
> Ah, got it. I usually don't use the tasks window :).
>>>>There are images called out in geany.txt that are missing from the
>>>>doc/images directory.  I have not created those because I can't seem
>>>>to get a theme that looks like the other images, so someone who can
>>>>generate screen captures that match the existing ones should do it.
>>> The only image reference I found was:
>>> "TODO add picture of the overall Geany window with all parts visible"
>>I labelled that one because its a new one without a ..image entry, but
>>some of the files named in existing image entries don't seem to be
>>there either.
> I added pictures for the Geany main window and for the build settings
> dialog. I couldn't find any other pictures missing.
>>> A few remarks/questions I got while reading the patch however the
>>> patch is just great!
>>>> The Autotools based build system is very mature and has been well
>>>> tested.
>>>> -To use it, you just need the Make tool, preferably GNU Make.
>>>> +To use it, you just need a Unix environment (TODO Mingw on
>>>> Windows??) and the Make tool,
>>>> +preferably GNU Make.
>>> Hmm, I think "Unix environment" might sound a bit too heavy. When
>>> compiling a release, a somewhat POSIX compatible shell, make and the
>>Yes, a POSIX shell that is a better way of saying it than Unix
>>environment, but maybe some other tools too?.  The TODO was trying to
>>ask the recommended way for Windows users to get the shell and
>>anything else they need.  Oh and grep for find in files etc...
> The special Windows stuff is mentioned in the wiki on the website. I'm
> not sure whether we should really repeat it there again. I think users
> reading the manual already have Geany installed and so don't need too
> detailed installation instructions again.
> This is also true for whether mentioning the need for something like a
> POSIX-compatible shell, a Unix-like environment or listing each single
> tool you might need.
> Users are not that stupid, I think.

Ok, I'm not windows literate so I leave it to your judgement.

>>> compilers should be enough (well, not really but this is why we
>>> have ./configure to check for what is missing).
>>> What I mean is just that Unix environment sounds to me like "You have
>>> to install a big new system to get it working". Maybe it's just me,
>>> still I'd like to keep the original here.
>>Nah, I didn't mean that, certainly a shell, but from recent mail
>>discussions it seems that some other minor programs are used by the
>>scripts.  All I think is needed is to say where the windows user gets
>>them from, they should be naturally available on *ix.  It would be
>>preferable if everything is available in one go, thats why I queried
>>about Mingw, or cygwin or similar??
> As said above, this is mentioned on the website even though it might be
> outdated again. Especially for the case of build instructions on
> Windows: from what I noticed in the past, there are only very few users
> trying to compile Geany on Windows. Not only because it's not exactly
> as easy as on non-Windows systems (:D) but probably also because it's
> just uncommon.
>>>> +The position of the tabs can be selected in the interface
>>>> preferences.
>>> To me, this sounds like the ordering of the tabs (Symbols, Documents
>>> vs. Documents, Symbols) can be changed in the interface preferences.
>>> However, I don't know a better way off-hand.
>>All I'm trying to say is, you can choose which edge of the window the
>>tabs appear on.  Should have been clearer.
> Yes, I understood what you mean, I was just in doubt not so experienced
> Geany users would might get confused.
> I'd like to use Randy's suggestion as it is clearer, IMO.

Yes thats better.

>> Some of the default key combinations cannot be changed, e.g. menu_new
>> TODO which ones? and are they actually prevented or just *should* not
>> changed or menu_open. These are set by GTK and should be kept, but
>> you can
> AFAIK these are the GTK stock menu items and can't be changed, at least
> not without noticeable efforts/hacks.
> Do we need to describe this even further?

Unfortunately? they can be changed, I just went to keybindings
preferences and redefined new as alt-n, both ctrl-n and alt-n worked
as new. Then defined ctrl-n as save as and it worked as save as not as
new and alt-n still worked as new..  And such changes to keybindings
save and re-load.

Thats why I thought it should say you *should* not change them because
the program doesn't actually prevent you from doing so and *cannot*
means that the program will stop you changing them.

> The other TODOs have been removed and replaced with proper content, I
> hope :). And finally, it's getting committed soon.

Thanks and apologies to translators who have to go through it again :-)

> Regards,
> Enrico
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