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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Sep 27 16:21:50 UTC 2009

On Sat, 26 Sep 2009 20:05:17 +1000, Lex wrote:

>2009/9/26 Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de>:
>> On Wed, 23 Sep 2009 12:18:53 +1000, Lex wrote:
>> Heyho,
>>>Attached is a patch providing some cleanups for geany.txt.
>> wow. Amazing work.
>>>NOTE: There are a few TODOs in the file that need to be checked
>>>before the geany.html is re-created (Addons plugin compatible :-).
>>> These are things that I didn't know the answers to.
>> "Addons plugin compatible"? What do you mean?
>Ahhh, I just meant that they show up in the tasks window if your
>addons plugin has it enabled.  I can't do without it, my programs in
>development are littered with TODOs  :-)

Ah, got it. I usually don't use the tasks window :).

>>>There are images called out in geany.txt that are missing from the
>>>doc/images directory.  I have not created those because I can't seem
>>>to get a theme that looks like the other images, so someone who can
>>>generate screen captures that match the existing ones should do it.
>> The only image reference I found was:
>> "TODO add picture of the overall Geany window with all parts visible"
>I labelled that one because its a new one without a ..image entry, but
>some of the files named in existing image entries don't seem to be
>there either.

I added pictures for the Geany main window and for the build settings
dialog. I couldn't find any other pictures missing.

>> A few remarks/questions I got while reading the patch however the
>> patch is just great!
>>> The Autotools based build system is very mature and has been well
>>> tested.
>>> -To use it, you just need the Make tool, preferably GNU Make.
>>> +To use it, you just need a Unix environment (TODO Mingw on
>>> Windows??) and the Make tool,
>>> +preferably GNU Make.
>> Hmm, I think "Unix environment" might sound a bit too heavy. When
>> compiling a release, a somewhat POSIX compatible shell, make and the
>Yes, a POSIX shell that is a better way of saying it than Unix
>environment, but maybe some other tools too?.  The TODO was trying to
>ask the recommended way for Windows users to get the shell and
>anything else they need.  Oh and grep for find in files etc...

The special Windows stuff is mentioned in the wiki on the website. I'm
not sure whether we should really repeat it there again. I think users
reading the manual already have Geany installed and so don't need too
detailed installation instructions again.
This is also true for whether mentioning the need for something like a
POSIX-compatible shell, a Unix-like environment or listing each single
tool you might need.
Users are not that stupid, I think.

>> compilers should be enough (well, not really but this is why we
>> have ./configure to check for what is missing).
>> What I mean is just that Unix environment sounds to me like "You have
>> to install a big new system to get it working". Maybe it's just me,
>> still I'd like to keep the original here.
>Nah, I didn't mean that, certainly a shell, but from recent mail
>discussions it seems that some other minor programs are used by the
>scripts.  All I think is needed is to say where the windows user gets
>them from, they should be naturally available on *ix.  It would be
>preferable if everything is available in one go, thats why I queried
>about Mingw, or cygwin or similar??

As said above, this is mentioned on the website even though it might be
outdated again. Especially for the case of build instructions on
Windows: from what I noticed in the past, there are only very few users
trying to compile Geany on Windows. Not only because it's not exactly
as easy as on non-Windows systems (:D) but probably also because it's
just uncommon.

>>> +The position of the tabs can be selected in the interface
>>> preferences.
>> To me, this sounds like the ordering of the tabs (Symbols, Documents
>> vs. Documents, Symbols) can be changed in the interface preferences.
>> However, I don't know a better way off-hand.
>All I'm trying to say is, you can choose which edge of the window the
>tabs appear on.  Should have been clearer.

Yes, I understood what you mean, I was just in doubt not so experienced
Geany users would might get confused.
I'd like to use Randy's suggestion as it is clearer, IMO.

> Some of the default key combinations cannot be changed, e.g. menu_new
> TODO which ones? and are they actually prevented or just *should* not
> changed or menu_open. These are set by GTK and should be kept, but
> you can

AFAIK these are the GTK stock menu items and can't be changed, at least
not without noticeable efforts/hacks.
Do we need to describe this even further?

The other TODOs have been removed and replaced with proper content, I
hope :). And finally, it's getting committed soon.


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