[Geany-devel] Build system glitches

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Oct 14 19:08:08 UTC 2009


Also worth reading whole email before pressing send :-)

I said:

>Yes, the dialog edits something different to what it used to, whatever
>is decided that is likely to be changed.

>But it should not only allow one way of working, it may make one group
>of people happy, but it makes another group unhappy. Just because you
>don't use the particular functionality doesn't mean it isn't needed,
>so I have proposed a way of allowing either instead of cutting off

I am trying to discuss how to make the default behaviour the same as
it was previously without losing access to the extra functionality.

The discussion is how to implement that.

2009/10/15 Thomas Martitz <thomas.martitz at student.htw-berlin.de>:
> Thomas Martitz schrieb:
>> Lex Trotman schrieb:
>>> You should not *have* to use a project, that was a requirement of
>>> Enricos right from the beginning. Switching files isn't lazyness, its
>>> an annoyance that isn't needed.
>> I thought the main requirement was to not change default behavior? And it
>> wasn't behaving like this before. Also refer to Enrico's initial mail:
> Argh, ctrl+enter too early, anyway...
> Quoting Enrico (which is the exact opposite of what you said):
> "But then, I opened the Build settings dialog for a XML file and for some
> reason, it shows me the Python Run command as Run command for the XML file.
> And it does this probably for each other filetype as well, tested also with
> Shellscript and I got again the Python Run command.
> This completely contradicts the original idea of the build system: being
> easy to use to compile&run single files.
> Not sure whether this is a bug or actually intended behaviour of your code,
> but it is not what Geany should do and it is not what Geany did before! Run
> commands were and should be filetype-dependent except you have opened a
> project and the project has a Run command defined."
> This is exactly what expect (and want also).

The requirements were determined through "thousands of emails" to
quote Enrico (again :-), that something was misunderstood has been
acknowledged, constantly pointing things out with 20/20 hindsight is
no help in defining a suitable solution.

To reiterate:

The build system does not do anything wrong, a dialog edits a
different setting to what it used to and the build system does what
that edit tells it to do.

I have suggested a change to the dialog that allows it to default to
editing the settings as it used to so that the build system will
behave as it used to, but still allows access to edit the other
settings for those of us who want to use that functionality.


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