[Geany-devel] Merging of Geany Plugins

Thomas Martitiz s0523936 at xxxxx
Wed Jun 3 16:54:35 UTC 2009

Am 03.06.2009 16:15, schrieb Nick Treleaven:
> Sounds interesting, but a combined release would be very useful for
> anyone building from source,
You can still do a combined release with that metapackage. That's why 
desktop enviroments are distrubuted via meta packages in debian/ubuntu.
Installing gnome-desktop-environment installs a shit load of partly 
faked(!) dependencies to get you the whole DE. Yet, if you want, you can 
install each dependency on its own and leaving those you don't need out 
(like evolution or ephany).
The point is, with every gnome release the meta package is updated and 
all dependencies will be updated too.
> plus it gives packagers more freedom - it
> seems to me that packaging all plugins together would be easier for the
> packager.
I can't connect both phrases. More freedom in packaging generally means 
more work if the freedom wants to be kept. And saving work by putting 
all plugins into one package surely doesn't extend the freedom of anyone.

>   Actually a combined release would probably be easier to
> split the separate plugins from even if doing separate packages.
> Not to criticise your idea, just wanted to point out that a combined
> release is a very useful thing. Also it wouldn't be compulsory for
> plugin authors ;-)
See above :)

Best regards.
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